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What is the form archiving (temporary saving)?

This feature allows you to archive (temporarily save) forms when you temporarily suspend the use of formrun. Archived forms cannot be published or edited, but submissions and files can be preserved.


The form archiving feature can be used in the following situations.


  • You need to reduce the number of forms for a temporary downgrade.
  • When you have reached the maximum number of forms in your plan.
  • You do not plan to use the form for a while, but want to keep it until the next time you use it.


When you delete a form, both the collected submissions data and form settings are permanently erased and cannot be restored.

The form archiving feature eliminates the need to recreate the form if you wish to use it again.


Limitations on archived forms

Some features are restricted or limited on archived forms.


Pages that will not be accessible

※At the time of archiving, the form will be automatically set to private.


Pages that remain accessible


Features that remain available


How to archive forms

Please click here to see how to archive.


Payment for form archiving (temporary saving) feature

The form archiving feature is available for an optional fee in addition to the plan fee.

Please be sure to check here for the payment cycle, payment method, and amount of the fee before using this feature.


Permission to archive forms

Team Owner and Team Administrator.

※Please click here to learn more about the permissions of team members.


Teams that can use this feature