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Frequently Asked Questions: code type form

I can't create a code type form.

    • If you have created one or more forms in the FREE plan (and you haven't yet tried a free trial), click on "Create new form" and you will see the following pop-up. Consider experimenting with a paid plan that includes a free trial, or upgrading your current plan, or deleting your existing form before proceeding.

    • If you have already created one or more forms in the FREE plan (and you have already tried a free trial), or if you have created the maximum number of forms in BEGINNER or STARTER plans, the following pop-up will appear when you click on "Create new form". Please upgrade your current plan or delete the existing form before proceeding.

    Is the fee for the code type form option in the FREE plan charged on a per-team basis?

    Yes, for the additional charge for the option (code type form), a monthly fee of 980 yen (tax not included) will be charged for each team. Please note that with the FREE plan, only one form can be created per team. Therefore, once you create a code type form, you will not be able to create any creator forms.

    What types of payment methods are available and what are the payment cycles?

    Payment by credit card is available.
    *Invoice payment (bank transfer) is not yet supported. 

    Your team will be automatically billed on a monthly basis throughout the duration of your contract.

    I need technical advice on setting up a code-type form. If I pay the fee, will you support me?

    We apologize, but we cannot offer support for the creation and set up of code type forms, as they depend on the user's development environment. Currently, we do not provide paid support or services for the development of code type forms.