How to Integrate Mailchimp (Manual)

How to link Mailchimp (manually) on the respective pages of formrun and Mailchimp.

Integration with Mailchimp (in the formrun management page)

To output email addresses to Mailchimp, you first need to link the accounts.

Navigate to the settings page of the form you want to export data from and go to "External Integration Settings".

Click on "Manually Integrate" and then "Integrate" under Mailchimp integration.

Integration with Mailchimp (in the Mailchimp management page)

Please log in with the Mailchimp account you want to link. If you do not have a Mailchimp account, please acquire a new account from "Create An Account".

On the following page, click the "Allow" button to complete the integration. Once integrated, the linked Mailchimp account will be displayed.