About Payment Methods and Changes

Available payment methods and payment method changes.

Available Payment Methods

There are two payment methods available for form.run subscriptions:

  • Credit Card Payment
  • Bank Transfer (Invoice Payment)
    * Bank transfer is available for PROFESSIONAL and STARTER plans only.

Regardless of the payment method chosen, form.run operates on a prepaid basis. Payments are made in advance, and a monthly billing cycle starts from the date of the subscription to a paid plan.

Unsupported Payment Methods

Currently, form.run does not accept post-payment methods, payments at convenience stores, or bank transfers.

Regarding debit cards, they can be used but are not recommended due to the higher likelihood of payment errors, as they involve immediate deductions regardless of the card balance.

Form.run currently only offers monthly subscription confirmations (automatic billing) and does not accept advanced long-term contracts.

You can change your payment method at any time. However, please note that changes to the payment method cannot be made until the system confirms the payment, which is at least 2 hours before the contract renewal date and time.

Whether changing from credit card payment to bank transfer or vice versa, the steps are as follows:

  1. Click on "Team > Payment Methods & History" in the settings.


  1. If you are using credit card payment, click the "Switch to Bank Transfer" button.

If you are using bank transfer (invoice payment), click the "Switch to Credit Card Payment" button.


  1. If switching to credit card payment, enter your credit card information.

The changed payment method will take effect from the next contract renewal date and time.