How to set the form's public period (BEGINNER plan and above)

How to set the publication period/publication time for forms.

Setting the Form's Publication Period (Available in BEGINNER plan or higher)

You can set the publication period/publication time, and choose to set only the "Start," only the "End," or both.

When making a publication reservation, please select "Specify a period for publication."

To set the "Start" and "End" dates and times, please select them from the calendar that appears when you click on the blank space to the right of "Start" and "End."

After selecting a date on the calendar, you can set the time at the bottom of the calendar.

* If you set the end time to "23:59," the form will become private at "23 hours 59 minutes 00 seconds."

If the form is outside of the publication period, the private page will be displayed instead of the form entry page.

Also, if you turn "Display end date" ON, the end date and time will be displayed on the form as shown below.

If you have set a publication reservation, it will be indicated as "Publication reservation" on the form list page.