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Common Questions about Creating Payment-Enabled Forms

With PayPal integration, are there initial fees or sales commissions?

PayPal integration with form.run is available for free without any fees on all plans.

There are no initial fees or monthly fees when creating a PayPal business account, but there are fees to be paid to PayPal for sales.

For details, please refer to the PayPal official website.

For more information about PayPal business accounts, visit here.

Who retains the credit card information for transactions made with forms integrated with PayPal?

PayPal retains the credit card information.

For more details, visit the PayPal official website.

Is there a feature to create a "Specific Commercial Transactions Law Disclosure" page?

form.run does not provide a feature to create a "Specific Commercial Transactions Law Disclosure" page.

The disclosure required by the Specific Commercial Transactions Law is essential for selling products online. Therefore, if you need to provide such disclosure, you can use the rich text field to include it or provide a URL to a separately created page in your form.

For details on the Specific Commercial Transactions Law, you can refer to the Specific Commercial Transactions Law Guide provided by the Consumer Affairs Agency (external site).

What payment methods can customers use for orders?

Customers can choose from the following payment methods selected by the seller (formrun user):

  • PayPal / Debit or Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash on Delivery

Customers can make payments with a credit card or debit card even without a PayPal account.

For more information, please refer to this FAQ.

Which credit cards can be used for payment?

VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards are accepted.

How many products can be registered?

You can register up to 50 products per form.

Can I register products over 1,000,000 yen?

It is not possible to register products with a value exceeding 1,000,000 yen or conduct purchases/payments for products exceeding 1,000,000 yen on the form.

After adding the "Product Purchase (Payment Function)" field, the form became private. Why?

If you added the "Product Purchase (Payment Function)" field in the form editing page and saved the form without selecting a product, the form may have automatically become private.

To make it public again, either select a product after adding the "Product Purchase (Payment Function)" field, or delete the field entirely and then publish the form.

For instructions on how to publish the form, refer to this FAQ.

Can products registered in the product settings page be deleted?

While the form is in a public state, products that are not added to the form cannot be deleted.

Please set the form to private first, and then proceed with the deletion.

Is it possible to display a confirmation page before submitting the form?

If the "Product Purchase (Payment Function)" field is added to the form, a confirmation page will always be displayed, and no additional settings are required.

Please note that the option to hide the confirmation page is not available.

When copying a form, are the product details from the original form transferred?

When copying a form, the product details are transferred as well.

Why can't I submit a form with the "Product Purchase (Payment Function)" field?

If both of the following conditions are met, you cannot submit the form:

  • You have enabled "Reject posts with only alphanumeric characters" in the "Spam Prevention" settings tab of the form editing page.
  • You have included only form fields with alphanumeric answers, including the "Product Purchase (Payment Function)" field.

If these conditions apply, consider adjusting your settings or modifying the form fields accordingly, as your form may be getting rejected due to having only alphanumeric answers.

Can the order of form submission data on the card be changed?

You can reorder data fields according to the data field settings in the "Data Management > Data Field Settings" page.

However, please note that the order of data fields such as "Total," "Shipping," "Product Subtotal" and “Payment Method” may differ from the order on the form and be displayed above the product information as per the design.

Is it possible to change the content of registered products, set shipping fees and payment methods after publishing the form?

Not while the form is public. 

Please make the form private first before making any edits.

Additionally, if you change the product information while a purchaser has the purchase confirmation page for Product A open, there is a possibility of them making a purchase/payment based on information (amount, product image, product name, etc.) different from what is displayed on the confirmation page.

Please make changes after setting the form to private for a certain period of time and exercise caution.

Can I use the Purchase Products (Payment) field solely for inventory management without configuring a payment method?

No, it's not possible. 
When you enable the payment function in a form, you must configure a payment method. 

Therefore, the Purchase Products (Payment) field cannot be used exclusively for inventory management purposes.

How many payment methods can I freely set up?

Up to 5.
When the limit is reached, please delete one of the payment methods and set up another.

If you wish to set up more than 6 payment methods, please use this contact form.

Is it possible to confirm payments made via "Bank Transfer" within formrun?

No, it isn't. formrun cannot confirm bank transfer deposits.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but please independently verify that the payment has been received in your account.
In cases where a customer has not completed payment, kindly initiate direct communication with them.

To provide your account information to customers, consider using the following methods:

  • Rich text block on the form
  • Auto response email
  • Thanks page
  • Individual email

Here's an example image of a form with a rich text block for your reference.

▼ Form edit page

▼Public form

For more information, please refer to this FAQ.

Can I charge fees for each payment method?

No, it's not supported.

For example, if a customer selects the "Cash on Delivery" (COD) payment method, the total amount, which includes the COD fee, cannot be directly displayed as the "Total" on the form.

To address this, we recommend including the total amount, accounting for the handling fee, as a note on the form by using a rich text block, as demonstrated below. Alternatively, you can inform the customer of the total amount through an auto-response email, individual email, or other suitable methods.

▼ Form edit page

▼Public form

It is also possible to set up the commission as a single product.

For more information, please refer to this FAQ.