How to make a form public or private

Settings for making created forms public or private.

You can set the form to be public or private, as well as specify a period for its availability, using the "Publish" button.

  • Public: Publishes the form.
  • Private: Makes the form private, and a private page will be displayed.
  • Specify a period for publication: You can set the publication period/publication time. (Available in BEGINNER plan or higher)

If "Allow web search" is OFF, the form title cannot be searched on the web.

Even if you turn "Allow web search" ON, it may take some time for indexing, so it is not guaranteed to be immediately searchable on the web.

If you want to restrict access to the form with a password (limited release setting), please refer to this link.

Form publication restrictions

Form publication is restricted under any of the following apply. Once resolved, the form can be published:

  • Unpaid invoices from formrun
  • The plan has not been switched for more than 30 days after the free trial ends
  • The product is not selected in the "Purchase Products (Payment)" field on the form edit page
  • Reaching the monthly submission limit

During this restriction, the system will automatically set the form to private.(Selecting "Published" will not make the form public; it will stay private.)