Displaying Remaining fields in EFO Settings

About the display of the remaining fields that can be set in the EFO (Entry Form Optimization) settings when creating a form in formrun. How to set it up and how it actually looks on the form.

For the benefits of implementing EFO measures and the permissions that can be set, please see here.

For other features related to EFO settings that you can use with formrun, please refer to here.

About Remaining Field Display

This displays the remaining number of required fields until completion.

* Optional fields are not included in the count.

You can change the background color and text color of the remaining display banner when this feature is turned on.


Benefits of Setting

Having the number of remaining required fields always visible helps maintain user motivation as the goal is visualized from the start, leading to a reduction in abandonment rates.

Transition to EFO Settings Page

Please refer here for transitioning to the EFO settings page.

Setting Up

  1. Click "EFO Settings > Remaining Field Display" and turn it on with "Function On/Off" a91101d8ddc9f557add490e3872d60e4
  2. Specify background and text colors in the design settings.

Modifiable Areas in Design Settings

In design settings, you can modify the following:

  • Background color
  • Text color

Remaining Field Display