About teams

In formrun, forms are managed by teams. Also, each team will choose its own plan. This page explains what a team is.

What is a Team?

One of the key features of formrun is its system of managing forms not individually per account, but within a "team" where multiple accounts can belong. This approach enhances efficiency in business operations.

The ability to collaborate with multiple people on forms is a strength of formrun. Especially in the BEGINNER plan, STARTER plan, and PROFESSIONAL plan, you'll find robust features designed to streamline teamwork.

The following video provides a detailed introduction to what a team means in formrun and the benefits of using formrun within a team. Please take a look!

One account can belong to multiple teams.

Paid plans allow for unlimited team creation, whereas the FREE plan is limited to 2 teams per account.

Accounts belonging to multiple teams are counted as team members in all of those teams.

Choosing a Plan

Since formrun is billed on a per-team basis, you need to select a usage plan for each team. Please note that plans are automatically renewed on a monthly basis.

Please refer to the table below for the allowable number of forms and members for each plan.

Number of forms 1 form 5 forms 50 forms Unlimited

Number of


1 member 2 members 5 members

10 members

(For 11 members and above, there is an automatic charge of ¥980 per member, excluding tax)

For managing forms with more members, please consider upgrading to a paid plan.