Restrictions and precautions for the "Bulk Email" feature

Prohibited items and precautions for the "Bulk email" feature.

Sending emails from formrun to customers who have not consented to email delivery is strictly prohibited.

Please note that this is also prohibited under the Specific Electronic Mail Act.

Failure to Meet Display Obligations for Email Senders

Sending emails without displaying the following information is prohibited under the Specific Electronic Mail Act:

  1. The sender's name or business name in the email body
  2. An email address or URL for receiving opt-out requests in the email body
  3. A statement indicating the ability to opt-out just before or after the contact for opt-out
  4. The sender's address at any location
  5. A telephone number, email address, or URL for accepting complaints or inquiries at any location
Even when sending emails to customers who have consented, the sender is obligated to include the above information.
Japan Data Communications Association, Unsolicited Email Consultation Center
1. Overview of Unsolicited Emails, 1-2. Specific Electronic Mail Act

In the Bulk Email Delivery feature, teams with a PROFESSIONAL plan can send bulk emails using custom domain email addresses.

However, if you have set up a custom domain email address before July 19, 2021, you will need to switch DNS records when switching to a custom domain email address.

For details, please refer to this link.