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About Chat Tool Notifications

Chat notification receipt when submissions are made to forms, when emails are sent or received on formrun, etc.

At formrun, you can currently integrate with chat tools such as
"Slack", "Chatwork", "Microsoft Teams", and "LINE WORKS".

You can also choose "which channel/chatroom to notify for each form".

The notification content is as follows:

  • When a form submission is received


  • When an email is received/sent


  • When the card's assignee is changed

  • When a note is added to the card

  • When transmission fails

    In the above cases, message content will be notified on the chat tool.

    Currently, for chat tool notifications, it is not possible to
    select the type of notifications (e.g., to receive only form submissions) or
    narrow down the fields to be notified (e.g., notify only the name and company name).

    Fields that the form respondent did not answer will be displayed as "No answer".

    You cannot hide this "No answer" display.