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About attaching file data to individual emails

Regarding the file data attachments that can be attached to individual e-mails and the difference in file capacity for each plan. Even if the maximum capacity is reached, the data can be deleted to make it viewable again.

You can attach data of any format to your emails and send them. For detailed specifications, please refer to the following:

  • Maximum file size for a single send: 5MB in total
  • Allowed file extensions for attachments in one email: None specified
  • Count of file bytes: Team-based (files sent and received across all forms within the team)

If you attach a PDF file, please note that there is no preview option. Therefore, if you need to confirm the content, download the file after attaching it.

Regarding file size, there are cumulative limits for the entire team's sending and receiving capacity based on the plan:

  • FREE Plan: Up to a total of 100MB
  • BEGINNER Plan: Up to a total of 5GB
  • STARTER Plan: Up to a total of 10GB
  • PROFESSIONAL Plan: Up to a total of 30GB

If you are using the PROFESSIONAL Plan, you can increase the total attachment file size beyond 10GB by paying an additional fee of 4,980 JPY (excluding tax).

If the cumulative total file size sent and received by the team exceeds the limit, end users can still send attachment files, but they will not be able to view or download all files on the management page (board page, etc.).

In such cases, by deleting forms or cards where file sending and receiving have occurred and reducing the total capacity to within the limit, you can restore the ability to view and download files.

Additionally, you can use the File Library feature to bulk delete attached files.

You can check the remaining byte capacity for file data in the "Current Contract Status" section on the "Team > Plan Change" page in the settings.