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About filters and logic

Filters and logic are functions for designers and engineers.

The variable functionality in automatic email replies and email templates uses a library called Liquid. You can use various filters and logic beyond the examples listed below. For more details, please refer to this link.


You can use filter functions by adding a pipe symbol "|" after the variable, like {{ variable | filter }}. Filters allow you to process variables.

Example: Setting a quote filter
• Syntax: {{ variable | quote }}
• Result: The quoted text will have a ">" symbol added to the beginning.
• Effect: Makes quoted sections in inquiries more distinguishable.


By surrounding code with {% ... %}...{% end... %}, you can write logic such as conditional statements.

Using "if"

The block inside an "if" statement will execute when the condition is met.


{% raw %}{% if data['_field_1_name'] %}Dear {{data['_field_1_name']}}, thank you for your inquiry.{% endif %}

{% if data['_field_3'] != 'Inquiry A' %}For inquiries other than A, submissions may take more than 3 business days.{% endif %}


Using "elsif"
When using "elsif," blocks will execute depending on whether the conditions are met or not in each case.


{% if data['_field_3'] == 'Inquiry A' %}Thank you for your inquiry regarding A.{% elsif data['_field_3'] == 'Inquiry B' %}Thank you for your inquiry regarding B.{% endif %}


Conditional Logic with Numeric Values
When working with numeric values, blocks will execute based on whether the conditions are met or not.


{% assign age = data['_field_4'] | plus: 0 %}{% if age > 12 %}Thank you for your application.{% else %}This event is for participants aged 13 and above.{% endif %}
Create an automatic email submission like the one below using the examples above:
Respond as follows in the form associated with the created automatic email submission:
If you respond as shown above, the form respondent will receive an email like the one in the following pageshot:

Please note that filter and logic functions are designed for designers and engineers. formrun does not provide support for these features, so please consult with your development team before implementation.