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Frequently Asked Questions Before Implementation

Please tell me the flow until implementation

You can start using formrun as soon as you register, so you can begin at your convenience.

FREE plan, BEGINNER plan, STARTER plan, and PROFESSIONAL plan are the four plans available, and you can create a form in as little as 30 seconds in any plan. However, the features available vary by plan, so please also check the pricing table below.

We also offer a 14-day free trial at formrun, so you can try out the feel of all the paid plans before switching to a paid plan. For details on the free trial, please check here.

Plan changes and cancellations are processed by the users themselves, so you can proceed at your own convenience.
For more details, please check here.

Do you have materials comparing with other tools?

Within the formrun service introduction materials, there is a comparison with other companies' services.
Please download the materials from the following URL and check.
formrun service introduction materials:

I would like to have a tutorial on how to use formrun

Formrun does not offer individual tutorials, but you can try it out for free, so please create an account and experience it. Also, there's a free 14-day trial available for our paid plans, so please take advantage of it.

Please answer the security sheet

By clicking the button below and filling out the form, you can view the completed security check sheet.

In the form's field for the formrun representative, please enter the following:

Representative: formrun Support Desk
Email Address: feedbackcontact@mixtape.co.jp

To view the security sheet, click here.

However, we will answer your security sheet only if you commit to the PROFESSIONAL plan for more than 12 months. Please note that we may not be able to provide answers to security information not currently disclosed.

Is it possible to sign an NDA?

We generally do not support signing individual NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) or other agreements. However, we might consider it if the following conditions are all met:

• Agreement is done using our designated tool
• Commitment to the PROFESSIONAL plan for more than 12 months
• Willingness to participate in case studies or allow the use of your company's logo
• Able to wait 5 business days for our prepared contract or 10 business days for your company's contract

Is payment by invoice possible?

We support payments by bank transfer (invoice payment). However, payment is required within one week of the contract renewal date. We do not support payment terms like end-of-the-month billing. For more details, please check here.

Will there be maintenance times when the service is unavailable?

Maintenance is carried out irregularly as needed. It's primarily conducted at night, and access to the formrun management page and forms created with formrun will be unavailable during maintenance. If you access a form during maintenance, a "Under Maintenance" message will be displayed on the page.

Is there a limit to the number of fields in a form?

There is no limit to the number of fields you can set up in one form.
For types of fields that can be set up in the form, please check here.

Is it possible to export the submissions data obtained from the form?

It is possible to export the submissions data received in formrun.
However, the format in which you can output depends on the plan you have contracted, so please be aware in advance.
For more details, please see here.

Do you provide support via phone or video calls?

We primarily provide support via email for functional and plan-related questions.
When you have questions, please fill out this form.
Form for inquiries about using formrun:

Furthermore, we have materials introducing the formrun service and operation. Please fill out the form below and download them.
formrun Service Introduction Materials:
Operation Manual:

Is API integration possible?

API integration is not currently supported in formrun.

It is possible to export the form submissions data and reflect it in your company's database from the output destination. However, operations at the output destination are not supported by our company.