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Frequently Asked Questions: Payment/Plan Changes

Please issue an invoice/receipt

There are two ways to issue invoices and receipts.

(1) On the payment date, the invoice and receipt are sent to the team owner's email address. Please check there.

(2) They can be issued from "Team Settings > Payment Methods & History > Payment History". Please download and use.

Please note that only the team owner and team administrators can issue invoices and receipts.

If you use bank transfer, once the payment is completed, you can download the invoice from the management page. If you do not receive an invoice sent to the team owner's email address, please check here.

I don't understand how to change the plan

You can change the plan from "Settings > Team > Change Plan".

For payments when changing plans, please refer to this.

Note that only the team owner can change the plan.

Does the price change based on the number of teams?

formrun is billed per team.

For paid plans, you will pay an amount equal to "number of teams created × each plan's fee (BEGINNER plan 3,880 yen, STARTER plan 12,980 yen, PROFESSIONAL plan 25,800 yen, all excluding tax)".

For details on the billing amount, please refer to the following question as well.

Also, please check the FAQ on payment methods and changing plans.

Are there any costs other than the monthly fee (such as initial fees)?

At formrun, we only charge a monthly fee.
Therefore, there are no initial fees or cancellation fees.

Please note, if you are using the PROFESSIONAL plan and exceed the limit, an additional fee will be automatically charged at the next payment.

Is there a minimum contract period for paid plans?/Is it possible to subscribe for a short term or a few months?

At formrun, all plans are contracted monthly in advance, with a minimum usage period of one month.
For example, if you click the "Subscribe" button for a paid plan at 10:00 on January 1, you can use the applicable plan until 9:59 on February 1.

If you wish to change to the FREE plan or a lower-tier paid plan,
you need to make a downgrade reservation up to 2 hours before the next contract renewal date and time.

If you do not make a reservation, the contract will be automatically renewed, so please be aware.

For upgrades within paid plans, if you pay by credit card, the switch will be immediate upon payment completion. If you use bank transfer (invoice payment), the plan will switch as soon as the payment is confirmed by the system.

For more details on plan changes, please refer to here

For more details on cancellation, please refer to here.

I can't switch to the free plan

The reasons for this may include the following three points, so please check:

● You do not have team owner permissions
Team owner permissions are required to change plans.
You can check and change permissions in the "Team> Member Settings" on the settings page.
Please check here for details.

● You are using bank transfer and your payment has not been confirmed
If you have changed to the PROFESSIONAL or STARTER plan and your payment has not been confirmed in the first month, you will not be able to change to any plans, including the FREE plan. If you accidentally upgraded, please contact us through the inquiry form by selecting "Ask the person in charge" displayed at the bottom right of the management page.

Please note that after changing to the FREE plan, if you exceed the file storage limit of the FREE plan (100MB), the stored files will become unreadable. To view them, you will need to delete files.

You can delete files by:
・Deleting only the file from the file library
・Deleting the card
・Deleting the data fields.

For more details about the file library, refer to here.
For card deletion, refer to here.
For data field deletion, refer to here.

Please be aware that once deleted, data cannot be restored.

Regarding email, if you switch from a paid plan to the FREE plan after exceeding the limit of the FREE plan (sending more than 10 emails per month), you will not be able to send emails until the next renewal date.

● You have passed the reservation time

The following three actions can be taken up to about 2 hours before the next contract renewal date and time:

・Downgrade reservation
・Cancellation of downgrade reservation
・Modification/change of downgrade reservation content

If you miss the specified time, no refunds or other submissions will be provided, so please be cautious.

Payment failed due to card limits

Please either provide a different credit card or increase the spending limit of the failed credit card. Once you've made the necessary arrangements with your card, please inform us and we'll process the payment.

If payment fails and 4 days pass, the publicly available form will be made private, and it will not be viewable in the team's management page.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can use the following two payment methods for formrun fees:

  • Credit card payment
  • Bank transfer (invoice payment)

For more details on payment methods, please click here.

Will my data be lost if I change plans?

・When downgrading and keeping the form

While you can't use features of higher plans on the form, data from submissions made during the higher plan will not be deleted, so rest assured.

・When downgrading and deleting the form

If the form is deleted, the submissions data of that form will also be deleted. Please note that once data is deleted, it cannot be restored.


Is it okay if the transfer name is different from the registered name on formrun?

Even if the transfer name differs from the registered name on formrun, we can still verify your payment without any issues.


How do I stop billing for periods I don't want to use or pay for?

During the contract period of formrun's paid plan, you are required to pay regardless of usage. Therefore, if you wish to halt billing for certain periods you don't want to use or pay for, please switch to the FREE plan. For instance, if you want to use and pay for September and November, but not October, switching to the FREE plan for just October will ensure you aren't billed for that month. However, when switching to the FREE plan, note that there are restrictions like having only one form, one team member, etc. For details on how to switch to the FREE plan, please refer to this FAQ. For information on the limitations of the FREE plan, please refer to this FAQ.

I want to issue an invoice with an invoice system in place

Formrun's invoice and receipt have the tax business registration number listed. If you wish to register in advance, the tax business registration number is "T6010001087006".