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How to check if individual emails have been opened or links clicked

How to check whether the recipient of an individual email has opened the email or clicked on the attached link.

On the card page, you can verify whether the email recipients who received emails from formrun have performed the following actions:

  • Opened the email
  • Clicked on links within the email

* If multiple links are included and the recipient clicks on any one of them, it will be marked as "Link Clicked."

If the email recipients (end users) open the email in "Text Format"

The status may appear as "Sent - Unopened."

Formrun-sent emails contain special images embedded within them. Opening the email triggers access to these special images, resulting in the status on the card being marked as "Opened." However, when the email is opened in text format, access to these special images cannot be detected, and the sending status remains "Unopened."

【When Email Recipients Open the Email】


【When Email Recipients Click on Links Within the Email】