How to change the form URL

Methods and considerations for changing the form URL.

About Changing the Form URL

In formrun, you can freely change the part after '' of the URL of the form you created.
Even if you change the form URL, the QR code will not change, so rest assured.

However, please note the following points.

  • You cannot register a new URL that is already registered
  • The changeable part of the form URL must be 3 or more alphanumeric characters or hyphens
  • You cannot use a hyphen as the first character of the changeable part of the form URL
  • Only form owners and form administrators can change the form URL

How to Change the Form URL

You can change the form URL in one of the following ways.

1) Change from 'Form Edit Page > Settings Tab > Form URL'

2) Change from 'Settings Page > Form Settings > Form URL'