About Excel Format Export (STARTER Plan and Above)

Data submitted through formrun can also be exported to Excel format.

When exporting in Excel format, the following specifications apply:

  • Form Owners and Form Managers can export data.
  • Data obtained before upgrading to a paid plan can also be exported.
  • You can export a maximum of 10,000 records at once.
  • Bulk export is possible.
  • Filtered export is possible.
  • Images are exported as URLs, and data (PDF documents, audio files, etc.) are exported in file name format.
  • You can choose whether to include card URLs in the export.
  • You can choose whether to include archived cards in the export.
  • Notes and emails cannot be exported.
  • You can export either all fields or only the currently displayed fields.

These are the specifications for Excel format export.

Additionally, when performing CSV export or automatic Google Sheets integration, there is a possibility of character encoding issues such as the address part becoming a date or the "0" character at the beginning of phone numbers not being displayed. However, in the case of Excel format, these issues are less likely to occur, so choose the export format based on the purpose of the exported sheet.

Also, when you export data after making changes in the Data tab of a card, the edited form submission data from the Data tab will be exported. However, the fact that it has been edited will not be noted in the spreadsheet, so please keep this in mind.

If you choose "Export all fields," only the fields that are set to be displayed in the field field settings will be exported. Fields that are set to be hidden will not be exported. If you choose "Export only currently displayed fields," you can export only the fields that have been set for display in the list view display field settings.

Selection Page for Output Fields and Options

How to Confirm Currently Displayed Fields


◆ About Archived Cards

You can choose whether to include archived cards in the export or exclude them.

If you want to export archived cards, check the "Include Archives" option in the export modal.

If you want to exclude archived cards from the export, uncheck the "Include Archives" option and click the "Export" button in the export modal.