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Frequently Asked Questions: Cards

Is there a limit to the number of cards and a viewing deadline?

There is no limit to the number of cards generated (including data received from forms and manually entered data).
You can be assured of this.

Also, unless the card is deleted, there is no viewing deadline.

Can a deleted card be restored?

We apologize, but once a card, form, or other data is deleted, it cannot be restored. We operate under this regulation for security reasons, so we appreciate your understanding.

Where can I check the cards I've archived?

To view archived cards, go to the board page or the list page and click on the "Archive" button in the top right corner. This will take you to the "Archive Management Page".

How do I edit an archived card?

The following actions cannot be taken on archived cards:

  • Adding or deleting labels
  • Editing status
  • Editing the person in charge
  • Creating or sending individual emails
  • Editing the "Note" feature
  • Editing data fields

To perform actions inside the card again, you need to restore it from the archive. For restoration methods, see here.

Can the card's submission number be changed?

A submission number that has been assigned once cannot be reset or edited.
Also, when a card is deleted, the subsequent new cards will be assigned a new submission number, not the one from the deleted card.

Receiving submissions with missing data on mandatory fields on the creator form.

If any of the following actions are taken by the form respondent, a new card without form submission data will be generated on the board page:

  • The form respondent replies to the auto-reply email after deleting all the quoted sections.
  • Instead of replying with a quote to the auto-reply email, they send a direct email to the auto-reply email's sender address.