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Frequently Asked Questions: Data Field Management

I want to delete fields that are displayed on cards or lists even though I thought I had deleted them.

In formrun, even if the fields shown to end-users are deleted, those fields remain in the database (on the admin page).

This is to prevent the data received in the past from disappearing when changing the content of data fields after publishing the form.

If you want to delete a field that has been hidden from the respondents from the admin page (cards & lists),

Please click on the relevant field (like field number) under the settings page "Data Management>Data Field Settings>Data Field Settings".

There, you can:

(1) Hide the field from the admin page by unchecking the "Display on lists and cards"
(2) Select "Delete field" to delete all data related to that field.

Note that if you choose (2), all data entered by respondents into that field will also be deleted. Restoration is not possible. Also, see:

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Is there a limit to the number of form submissions?

There is no limit to the number of form submissions.

Is there an expiration date for form and form submission data?

There is no expiration date, and the data will remain unless it's deleted.

I want to restore data (forms, cards) that I accidentally deleted.

Data (forms, cards) that has been deleted cannot be restored, neither by users nor by the formrun development team.

Please be fully aware of this when deleting data.