How to mention and send notifications from card notes

You can send email and Slack notifications to the relevant account by mentioning (@account name) in the memo. Information about each notification method.

Please note that the mention notification feature for notes via email will be released on Monday, December 5, 2022.

There are two notification methods available, which are explained below:

Email Notification

Here's how to perform mention notifications for notes via email:

  1. Open the note on the card, click the "@" button, or enter "@".
  2. By entering the email address or the name registered in formrun, you will see suggestions for the corresponding user with the formrun account name.
  3. Click the "Add Note" button to notify the relevant account by email.
    ※ You can mention multiple accounts, and notifications will be sent to multiple email addresses.
    ※ Mentioning email addresses without a formrun account is not supported.

How to Disable Email Notifications

If you don't need mention notifications for notes via email, follow these steps to disable them:

  1. Open the email settings modal in the settings page "Forms > Email Notifications".
  2. Uncheck the checkbox "Send email notifications when mentioned in card notes" within the settings modal.
  3. Click the "Update" button in the lower right corner.

Slack Notification

If you want to send Slack notifications to specific accounts by mentioning them (@account) in the notes on cards, Slack notification settings and integration settings for notes and Slack are required.

Please note that Slack mention notifications for notes will not be set up until formrun accounts are linked with Slack accounts, so be sure to configure this.

image (1)

For instructions on setting up Slack notifications, please see here.

For information on integrating notes with Slack, please see here.

※ If Slack notifications are set up, mention notifications will only work for Slack accounts linked in the notes and Slack integration settings. Mentioning email addresses for formrun accounts not linked to Slack is not supported.

Here's how to perform mention notifications for notes via Slack:

  1. Open the note on the card and click the "Mention" button (If Slack integration is completed, the Slack logo will appear next to the "Mention" label).
  2. (If Slack integration is completed) Suggested Slack account names will appear for mention, so select the account you want to mention.
  3. Enter the content you want to convey in the note and click the "Add Note" button.
    ※ You can mention multiple accounts, and notifications will be sent to multiple accounts.

Additionally, even when integrated with Slack, email notifications for mention notifications of notes can still be received.

If you only need mention notifications via Slack and do not need mention notifications via email, please refer to here to disable email notifications.