About Plan Changes

About changing plans, how to change and rules for payment.

Plan Change

In Formrun, for each registered team, you can configure:

  • Free Plan (FREE Plan)

to be used.

How to Change Your Plan

You can change your plan on the "Team > Plan Change" page in the settings.
The "Plan Change" button is visible to members with any level of permissions.
However, please note that only the Team Owner can make changes.

After selecting the plan you want to change to and entering your credit card information for payment, the plan will automatically be updated after confirming the information.

Payment Rules for Plan Changes

Payment for paid plans is invoiced on the "Contract Renewal Date and Time" once a month.

Please note that you can make a "Downgrade Reservation" for your plan until 2 hours before the contract renewal date and time. After 2 hours, we do not provide refunds or partial refunds, so please be aware of this.

For billing rules when changing your plan before the payment date, please refer to here.