How to Change Your Plan

Explanation of how to change plans and how to make a downgrade reservation.

About Plan Changes

In Formrun, all plans are billed on a monthly, prepay basis, and the minimum usage period for paid plans is 1 month.

Plan changes or cancellations are to be carried out by users themselves.
There are no change fees, so you can rest assured.

Also, the timing of plan changes varies depending on the change details.

  • Paid Plan → FREE Plan or Downgrade within a Paid Plan
    • The plan will switch to the destination plan on the next contract renewal date and time.

      However, to make this switch, you need to make a downgrade reservation at least 2 hours before the next contract renewal date and time. If you do not make a reservation, the contract will automatically renew, so please be aware of this.
  • FREE Plan → Upgrade to a Paid Plan 
    • The timing of plan changes depends on the payment method.

      ① Credit Card Payment
      You can start using the new plan immediately upon payment completion.

      ② Bank Transfer (STARTER Plan and PROFESSIONAL Plan only)
      The use of the new plan will begin after the system confirms the payment has been received.

      Please note that there are two important points to consider when paying by bank transfer:

      (1) It may take up to 2 business days for the transfer to be reflected in the system.
      (2) Regardless of the plan change date, clicking "Agree to the Contract" will be considered the contract renewal date and time.
  • Upgrade within a Paid Plan
    • You will be charged the difference between one month of the higher-level paid plan and the unused portion of the lower-level paid plan. The plan will switch once payment is confirmed.

Billing occurs on a per "Team" basis, and fees vary depending on the team's plan.

If you are using the PROFESSIONAL Plan and exceed the limits, additional charges will be automatically billed.

<Plan Change Procedure>

  1. Select "Settings > Team > Plan Change"
  2. Click "Agree to the Contract" below the plan overview.

3. (For the first plan change) Select your desired payment method.

4. Enter organization information (first time only) and complete the survey.

          ※ If you have a referral code, enter it in the referral code field located below the organization information.

▼ Organization Information ▼ Survey for Plan Upgrades

If the plan change is successful, the display will switch to "In Use," so please confirm.
※ Only the "Team Owner" can change the plan.

If you want to change your payment method, please check here.

Downgrade Reservation

Once a downgrade reservation is completed, the plan will automatically switch on the next contract renewal date and time.
Unselected forms and members will be deleted and cannot be restored, so please be aware of this.
※ Until the next contract renewal date and time, you can continue to use the current paid plan.

When a downgrade reservation is completed, a "Downgrade Complete Email" will be sent to the team owner.
Also, the following three actions are possible until about 2 hours before the next contract renewal date and time:

  • Downgrade Reservation
  • Cancel Downgrade Reservation
  • Modify/Change Downgrade Reservation Details

If you do not make a downgrade reservation, the contract will be renewed automatically, and charges will be incurred.

Please note that we cannot accommodate refunds or changes after the specified time, so please be careful.

For more details on downgrade reservations, please visit this page.