Understanding the customer page

Information displayed on the customer screen and navigation to settings.

① Basic Customer Fields
There are 19 fields in the basic customer feature. It's possible to display information from customers who submitted submissions to the forms created within the team, as well as information from customers imported from the customer page.

For details on each field, please check here.

The date when the customer was created becomes the "Customer Registration Date", and it's possible to sort customers in ascending or descending order based on this date.

② Customer Labels

The labels given on the customer page differ from the labels that can be applied from the card on forms created within the team. These labels can be used, for instance, when segmenting for mass email distribution.

Labels can be applied to customers on the customer page in the following three ways:

  • Applying labels from the customer list page (multiple/batch)
  • Applying labels during import from the customer page
  • Applying labels from the individual customer detail page (one-by-one)

If you want to apply customer labels in batch, please check here.

For methods to apply labels during import, please see here.

③ Submissions Form

You can check which form the customer responded to.

④ Delivery Status
There are three types of delivery statuses:
  • Deliverable
  • Undeliverable (Opt-out)
  • Undeliverable (Hard Bounce)

For details about the delivery status, please see here.

⑤ Customer Data

By clicking the "Customer Data" icon, you can do the following two actions:

  • Import customer information to the customer page
  • Export customer information from the customer page

For details, please check here.

⑥ Settings

By pressing the settings button, you can perform the following three actions:

⑦ Keyword Search

You can search for customers by name, email address, and company name.
For details, please check here.

⑧ Advanced Search
You can search for customers based on the following criteria:
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Company Name
  • Delivery Status
  • Customer Label
  • Customer Registration Date
  • Form
  • Card Label
  • Status

For details, please see here.