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How to archive forms

This section describes how to archive (temporarily save) forms in formrun.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of using the form archiving feature and the permissions you can set.

Click here to learn about payment for the form archiving feature.

Pages where you can archive forms

There are two pages.

How to archive a form on the Form Settings page

  1. From the form list page, go to the form settings page.

  2. In "Archive or delete forms", click the "Archive this Form" button.

  3. Click the "Agree and archive" button on the confirmation pop-up.


*If your credit card isn't registered, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. Please set up the archive again after completing the registration.

How to archive a form on the downgrade reservation page

  1. From the Team Subscription page, click "Change" for the plan you wish to downgrade.
  2. At step 1, "Select forms to keep," select up to the maximum number of forms to be saved in the plan.
  3. At step 2, "Delete or archive forms", switch the status of the forms you want to archive from those not selected in step 1. 

*The monthly fee for archiving forms will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

When archiving a code type form with the FREE plan

A monthly fee of ¥980 (excluding tax) is required to use a code type form with the FREE plan. For more information about code type  forms, please refer to this FAQ.

If you archive a code type form, the monthly fee of ¥980 for the code type form option will be automatically canceled and the monthly form archiving fee of ¥680 will be charged simultaneously.

If you want to restore a code type form from the archive, the monthly fee of ¥680 for form archiving will be canceled upon restoration. However, you will need to reapply for the monthly fee of ¥980 (excluding tax) for the code type form.