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Frequently Asked Questions: Mass Email Delivery

Is there a way to identify form respondents in anonymous forms?


Is there a way to identify form respondents in anonymous forms?

By using bulk email distribution, you can automatically append parameters to the form.
※ It may also be possible to achieve this with features other than formrun's bulk email distribution.

Please follow these steps:
1) Create the form (survey) you want respondents to answer.
During this process, add a hidden text field to the form.

2) Assign unique IDs to each user using a spreadsheet or similar method.

3) In the settings of the form created in step 1, under "Data Management > Data Field Settings," add a field for entering the individual IDs.

4) Import the list of users you want to respond to the form.
During this process, make sure to input the unique ID set in step 2 into the data field configured in step 3.

5) In the customer mapping settings, map any field to the field created in step 3.

6) When sending bulk emails, use the form URL with the ID from step 3 appended as an initial value to the hidden text field as a variable.
Example: https://form.run/@×××?_field_〇(hidden text)=%%variable%%

※ It is recommended to set the URL via a text link rather than directly in the form URL.

7) Send bulk emails and have users respond to the form.