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Frequently Asked Questions: Form Creation to Management and Form List

Can I embed the form on another website?

By using the iframe embedded form, this is possible.
For detailed embedding instructions, please see here.

How can I modify a form I've already created and saved?

There are two ways to access the form editing page.
(1) From the "Board page", you can access the form editing page by clicking on "Form Editing Page" in the left menu.

(2) You can also access the form editing page from "Form List>Form Editing Page (pencil icon)" (refer to the image).


Please make sure to press the "Save" button after making modifications.

Otherwise, the changes will not be reflected.

I want to transfer the form I created to another team.

Currently, we do not support transferring cards or data between teams.

I want to change the language of the form to English.

If you want to display the form in English,
by addressing the following two points,
you can create a form in English notation.

(1) Ensure the end user's browser language setting is in English.
For fields during form creation that cannot be changed (either mandatory or optional),
they will be displayed in English by modifying the end user's browser language settings.

 ・For instructions on how to change the language in the Chrome browser, please see the "Change Chrome browser language" section on this page

 ・For instructions on how to change the language setting in Microsoft Edge, please see this page

(2) Enter the form field names in English.
Fields that can be modified during form creation (such as each field or description box) can be directly input in English.

Note that setting the language to English in the "Form > Notification Receipt > Language Settings" page will only affect the wording following '##' in notification receipts and auto-reply emails.

Are there any language restrictions for submissions to the form?

There are no language restrictions for users making submissions to the form.

I want to change the language of the form management page.

The display language of the formrun management page corresponds to the language set in the browser.

To change the language of the formrun management page,
please set your browser to the desired language (either Japanese or English).

*Note that the "Language Settings" in the "Form > Notification Receipt" settings page changes the display language of emails and notifications sent from formrun.

I don't know how to delete a form.

There are two ways to delete a form:

(1) Go to "Form List > Delete Icon" and click on "Delete Form".
(2) At the bottom of the "Form > Form Settings" page, click "Delete Form".

Note that only form owners and team owners can delete forms.

Once a form is deleted, it cannot be restored. Please be careful not to delete forms accidentally.

Please tell me how to edit the completion page (Thank You page) / private page.

You can edit in the same location as the form editing page.
Proceed to "Form List > Form Edit Page (pencil icon)".

Then, using the tabs at the top center of the page,
you can switch between the "Completion Page" and "Private Page" to navigate to each editing page.

For details about the "Completion Page", please refer to this link.

For details about the "Private Page", please refer to this link.


When I access the form, I see the message "The form has expired or is set to private."

If you see this message, please check the following:

When I submit the form, I get the message on the thank you page: "Form not found. The form URL might be incorrect or the form may have been deleted."

If you see the message mentioned above but still receive submissions, there might be an error in the redirect URL (thank you page) after form submission.

Add "/thanks" to the end of the form URL, which becomes the default thank you page.

If there's an error in the thank you page URL, you might see the message "Form not found. The form URL might be incorrect or the form may have been deleted." Please check accordingly. 

Is it compatible with smartphones?

You can create, edit forms and manage form submissions data from smartphones. However, we recommend using the PC version for better usability.

I'm getting an error when placing the form, what should I do?

To consistently submit the form, all URLs used to connect to the site must be registered on the formrun side.

• If you're using the iframe embedded form, please check if the URL where the form is embedded is correctly set in the settings: "For Developers>iframe embedded form>Set form URL>Form Placement URL". For more details, see here.

Also, if the referrer is set to not send unless it's from the same domain, formrun might not be able to correctly determine the placement URL and may not display (connection from formrun might be rejected).

Thus, change the "referrer-policy" on your site. Either:

• Set it to the default "no-referrer-when-downgrade"
• Remove the specification

Choose one of the above solutions.

• If you're using the code-type form, check from the setting "For Developers>Code placement>Set form URL>③ Set form URL" whether all URLs connecting to the test server are set.

I want to prevent my form from being indexed by search engines

By setting noindex, the form won't be indexed by search engines.

You can configure this setting by toggling "Allow Internet Search" to OFF in the form edit page.

Note: Even if "Allow Internet Search" is turned ON, indexing might take time, so it doesn't necessarily mean it will appear in internet searches immediately.

I want to change the domain of the form.

The URL of the form created with formrun is standardized as http://form.run/@◯◯ (any alphanumeric characters).

However, by using the code-type form or iframe embed, you can place it on any page.
If you want to use the form on a domain being used on another server, we would appreciate it if you could handle it via embedding.

What happens when there's a surge of access to the form?

Access to the form refers to when respondents navigate to the form input page.

If the submission page of the Creator form receives 50,000 accesses in a minute, the form input page won't display, and the page mentioned below will appear.

Note: If the below page appears, respondents need to access the form again once the access congestion has subsided.

Is there a limit to the number of form submissions per hour?

A form submission refers to when respondents send their answers through the form.

If the submission count for one form exceeds 35 in 5 seconds, after the form submission, you will be redirected to the page mentioned below. When you're redirected to the below page, even if you submit the form input, it won't be imported to the board page.

Therefore, if you want to import the submission content to the board page, respondents will need to submit the form again once the submission rate has calmed down.

Note: The same applies to the code-type form.

Additionally, as a specification of formrun, there's an allocation made to ensure that a single team doesn't monopolize email sending over a certain period of time.

Therefore, if there are many form submissions from a single team within a certain time frame, there might be a delay in the email sending process.

The extent of this delay is influenced by the email sending volume of other clients at that time and may vary accordingly. We appreciate your understanding.

Can I set a limit on the number of form submissions?

Yes, by using our submission limit feature, you can set a cap on the number of form submissions.

For details, please see here.

After ending a Zoom video webinar, the survey doesn't appear.

To display a form created with formrun as a survey after concluding a Zoom video webinar, you can use the following two methods:

  1. Use the iframe embedding feature
  2. Use a URL shortening service to embed the form URL

For detailed display methods, please refer to the following article:

formLab: Utilize formrun for surveys after a Zoom webinar!

I want to integrate with Slack, but an error appears.

When trying to integrate with Slack from the settings page "Form > External Integration Settings", if you encounter the error mentioned below, it may be because the Slack team you're trying to link with is different from the one you're logged into.

Therefore, please log in to the Slack team where you have Slack notification settings for the relevant form and try setting up the Slack integration on formrun again.

I want to set up conditional branching options in the form.

Those who have a subscription to the BEGINNER plan or higher can set conditional branching options based on choices.

Please note, setting different fields based on conditions can be done up to two branches.

For more details, please check here.

The form doesn't appear on a page made with Ameba Owned.

When you embed a form into a website created with Ameba Owned, there might be cases where the form does not display. If the form isn't visible, consider the following possibilities:

A) Viewing in a Safari environment

In a Safari environment, the form may not display properly. This is due to Safari's specifications and cannot be adjusted on formrun's end. As a current solution, we recommend adding the form URL to the page so users can contact separately.

B) Using the "Embed form script" method

If you embed the form in Ameba Ownd using the script, the form may not appear. This issue is due to Ameba Ownd's specifications and not formrun's. If it doesn't display with the "Embed form script" method, setting it using the "Embed form URL method" might provide more stable results.

If I install the form on multiple sites, is there a way to distinguish which site the submissions come from?

hidden text and initial values can be combined to identify from which page the submissions came from.

For detailed setup instructions, please check here.

Is there a field that allows for payment functionality on the form?

You can create a form with payment functionality by integrating formrun with PayPal.

It can be used for paid event registration forms or forms for selling products.

For details on PayPal integration, please see here.

I've set up Chatwork notifications, but I'm not getting any notifications.

An error due to the IP restriction feature of Chatwork's "Enterprise Plan" may occur, preventing notifications. This error occurs when the environment requesting the API is from an unauthorized IP address. There are two solutions to this problem:

(1) Request the API from an allowed IP
(2) Set "Do not apply IP address restriction" in the administrator settings under "User List" in Chatwork.
   Please set "Do not apply IP address restriction" on the details page under "User List" in Chatwork's administrator settings.

For more details, please visit the Chatwork Help page here.

Can you display different completion pages based on the content of the form submission?

Currently, formrun does not support displaying different completion pages (thank you pages) based on the content (choices) of the form submission.

Can the person who submitted the form modify or update the data once they have completed the submission?

Currently, in formrun, those who have submitted the form cannot modify or update the data.

If there is a request from the form submitter to modify the already submitted data, we ask the form administrator to modify or update the data from the form submission card. For methods of modifying card data, please see here.