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Customizing the auto response email based on the payment method in the purchase products (payment) field

Make better use of forms with product purchase (payment) fields with auto response emails.

This page describes how to change the contents of an auto response email in forms with the purchase products (payment) field according to the payment method.

For information on how to create payment-enabled forms, please refer to this FAQ.

Please see this FAQ for information on how to set the payment method in the purchase products (payment) field.

What is the auto response email?

It is the email that is automatically sent to the person who submits the form.

This feature is available for BEGINNER plan or higher subscriptions.

For details, please refer to this FAQ.

If you have a purchase products (payment) field on the form and multiple payment methods, you may want to change the content of the auto response email depending on the payment method selected by the customer.

Specifically, the following is the case.

  • For customers who select "PayPal / Debit or Credit Card", I only want to thank them for their order.
  • For customers who select "Bank Transfer", I would like to send them my bank account information in addition to thanking them for their order.

In these cases, formrun can customize the content of the auto response email to align with the chosen payment method.

You don't have to include all the notes for each payment method in the email anymore. 
This will make it easier for customers to read emails containing only the information they need, reducing their burden.

How to change the body of the auto response email depending on the payment method

You can send different auto response emails depending on the payment method you have selected by entering the following information into the auto response email body input field.

Please also check this FAQ for more details.

*The formrun Support Desk does not provide support for any other use of the contents described below (filters and logic in auto response emails), or for questions beyond the scope of this FAQ.

Completed image

After following the steps below, the customer will receive the following email depending on the payment method.

▼If Bank Transfer is selected

▼If PayPal / Debit or Credit Card is selected

How to set up

Assuming you have a form with the following two payment methods specified, here are the steps to set up the form:

  • PayPal / Debit or Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  1. On the "Product Setting" page, select the payment methods you wish to display as  choices on the form.

    Here, check "PayPal / Debit or Credit Card" and "Bank Transfer".
  2. On the "Auto Response Email Settings" page, check the "Send Auto Response Email" checkbox.
  3. In the auto response email's body input field, enter the text you wish to include uniformly regardless of the payment method selected.
  4. Enter the details required for the specific payment method.
    The code is in the following form.
    {% if data['_field_N_payment_payment_method'] == 'a payment method' %}

    What you want to display to customers who select that payment method

    {% endif %
    To start, please input the name of the payment method data field in the "_field_N_payment_payment_method" above.

    You can find the field name listed in the variables below the input field for the auto response email.
    Make sure to identify the correct number for "N" from the "Payment method" line.

    Please note that the specific number to use for "N" will vary depending on the form you are working with.

    Next, in the 'Payment Method' section, you will list one of the payment methods that customers can select from. 
    For example:

    ・PayPal / Debit or Credit Card
    ・Bank Transfer
    ・Cash on Delivery

    Then, in the "What you want to display to customers who select that payment method" section above, you should describe the specific information you want to provide to the customer based on their selected payment method.

    ・Bank Account Information
    ・Notes on Fees and Charges

    The following image shows an example of displaying the transfer due date and payee account information for a customer who has selected bank transfer.

  5. Once you have set the subject line and, if necessary, other auto response email settings, click the "Update" button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Test your submissions and confirm that the text of the auto response email is correct.
    After submitting the form with "Bank Transfer" selected, you will receive the following email.

    If you selected "PayPal / Debit or Credit Card" on the form and completed the payment, you will also receive the following email.

    You will see that the contents of the email differ depending on the payment method.

    *The actual payment will be processed upon payment confirmation.

Sample codes

In the example of the above procedure, the sample code used is as follows.
Please modify the names of data fields and the text content.

Dear {{data['_field_N_name']}}

Thank you very much for your order.
We have received your order with the following information.

Name: {{data['_field_N_payment_XXXXXXXXXX_product_name']}}
Price: {{data['_field_N_payment_XXXXXXXXXX_product_price_with_tax']}}
Quantity: {{data['_field_N_payment_XXXXXXXXXX_product_selected_stock']}}

Subtotal: {{data['_field_N_payment_product_subtotal']}}
Payment Method: {{data['_field_N_payment_payment_method']}}
Shipping Fee: {{data['_field_N_payment_shipping_fee']}}
Total: {{data['_field_N_payment_total_amount']}}

{% if data['_field_N_payment_payment_method'] == 'Bank Transfer' %}
Since you have chosen to pay by bank transfer, please make your deposit to the following account.
The deadline for bank transfer is September 30, 2023 (Sat.) 11:59 PM.

Bank account information
Bank: 00 Bank
Financial institution code: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Branch: 00
Account holder: 00000
Account type: 00
{% endif %}