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How to Set Up Product Registration and Shipping Fees

How to set up product registration and shipping charges on the product setup page. By registering products available for purchase on the product setup page, you can set up product purchase (payment function) fields on the form.

For the entire procedure of creating a form with payment functionality, please refer to this link.

What is Product Registration?

In formrun, there is a product setup page for each form. By registering products on the product setup page, you can use the form as a payment-enabled form.

<Permissions for Product Setup>

Form Owner/Form Administrator

For information about form permissions, please refer to this link.

Steps for Product Registration

  1. Open the "Form > Form Settings" page
  2. Click the "+ Register Product" button and enter product information
  3. Product registration is complete. Let's add products to the form.

1. Open the "Form > Form Settings" Page

Open the form settings page.

Open the "Form > Product Settings" page.

2. Click the "+ Register Product" Button and Enter Product Information

Click the "+ Register Product" button.
This will bring up the product registration page.

Enter product information and register.

All fields not marked as optional must be filled out for all products.

3. Product Registration is Complete. Let's Add Products to the Form.

Clicking the registration button completes the product registration.

Make sure that product registration has been completed.

Steps to Set Shipping Fees

On the "Form > Product Settings" page, check "Display Shipping Fee."

Enter the desired shipping fee.

You can choose shipping fees from the following three options:

Product registration and shipping fee setup are complete.

Next, let's add the registered products to the form editing page.
For instructions on adding fields on the form editing page, please refer to this link.

You Can Add Registered Product Information on the Form Editing Page

By entering the following information for product registration, you can display product information when adding the field for purchasing (payment functionality) on the form editing page.

<Product Registration>

  • Image [Optional]
  • Product Name
  • Unit Price (including tax)
  • Unit of products (5 characters or less)
  • Description (Up to 100 characters) [Optional]
  • Sales Quantity (Inventory Quantity)
  • Maximum number of purchases per entry

<Shipping Fees>

  • Free Shipping
  • Flat
  • Set Based on Purchase Amount

For details on the field for purchasing (payment functionality), please refer to this link.

Points to Note During Product Registration

  • You cannot delete products in a published form. If you want to delete a product, please set the form to private and then delete it.

    For details on how to register products on the form editing page, please refer to this link.