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How to restore archived forms

This page explains how to restore archived forms.

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Pages where you can restore archived forms

There are two pages.

How to restore on the Form Settings page

  1. Open the settings page of the form you wish to restore.

  2. Go to the "Form Settings" page and click on the "Restore this Form" button at the bottom of the page.

  3. Click "Restore this Form" on the confirmation pop-up.

How to restore on the Form list page

  1. From the Form list page, click "Restore this Form" of the form you want to restore.

  2. Click "Restore this Form" on the confirmation pop-up.

How to display only archived forms

If you wish to view only archived forms from the Form list page, please use the "Publish status" filter to narrow down the list.

Why can't I restore archived forms?

Restoring an archived form would exceed the plan's form retention limit.

To ensure that the limit is not exceeded, you must archive or delete other forms.

Consider upgrading your plan to increase the limit.

The maximum number of forms for each plan is as follows.




FREE plan


50 forms

5 forms

1 forms